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The Spark

When the National Conference for Catechetical Leadership (NCCL) surveyed its members, it revealed what it meant to be a leader in the church was changing. With parishes being short staff and losing funding, members expressed the need for NCCL to embrace its core value of inclusivity by expanding membership to younger and diverse audiences with the ultimate goal of using their organization’s platforms as a tool for evangelism.

With this, NCCL embarked on a rebrand, starting by first changing their name to In word and Witness (IWW) and simplifying their mission statement “to transform the world by reflecting Christ.” In Word and Witness collaborated with Brllnt to create their new brand identity primed for the 21st century digital-first audience.

In Word & Witness

The National Conference for Catechetical Leadership is the only independent Catholic membership organization dedicated to serving catechetical leaders in the United States by providing opportunities for networking, resource sharing, and community.

The Process

“To transform the world by reflecting christ”  is a bold mission statement and one that was core to the organization’s new brand identity. For the brand’s logo, we looked to the rich symbolism in Catholicism to inform our direction. As Christ is known as “The Word,” who like a lighthouse directs the paths of believers, we used a beam of light emanating from the “Word” that shines on the “Witness,’ who shares their story to spread the message, central to what IWW exists to do. 

“We really like how the Word almost gives life to the word Witness. We found this interesting both visually and theologically. The interplay is capturing. In fact, we think this concept of light shining forth is a critical element to keep building out reflective design.” Victoria Radleigh Smith

Choosing the Typography

To expand the aesthetic concept of Catholicism beyond the traditional stained glass windows, we were inspired by Catholic graffiti murals used to memorialize loved ones. The Zila Grab font is reminiscent of the graffiti style while still remaining approachable and legible in all weights, 

For the additional brand elements, we played on the concept of reflection, using a foil element in liturgical colors that represent joy, repentance, preparation, nature, and purity. 

“The foil effect goes hand-in-hand with current Instagram filters and social media trends. We like that this type of marketing allows members to “see themselves” reflective in the organization (through their work, stories, mission, etc.) This type of messaging is inclusive of the community and reflective of our core values.” Margaret Matijasevic

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The Impact

“It feels NEW, FRESH, and EXCITING,” said one of IWW’s members during the launch of the new brand. 

In Word and Witness is excited to have a new brand that reflects their mission and core values and worked to integrate them in their new website and social media, now primed to help members tell their stories in a new way.

Number of Brand Concepts

including a twist on art history and stain glass.

Updated Brand Elements

including newsletter and social templates and stationary

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